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Writing is like solving a puzzle.


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When I can’t stand typing at the computer anymore


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Inspirational cover for Blood for Mercy

2012 Goals

Everybody seems to be posting goals for 2012. Here are my writing goals:

  1. Revise, edit and publish the novel, Rites of Passage
  2. Finish, revise, edit and publish the novella, Blood for Mercy
  3. Start and finish the sequel to Rites of Passage


Letting the first draft of Rites of Passage sit and ferment a bit before retackling revisions. It definitely needs some reworking, but it needs to breathe. 

In the meantime, I’ve started what appears to be a horror novella, but the outline keeps shifting on me as I play with it. I wrote what is essentially the first chapter this week. Blood for Mercy is the current working title and I even made an inspirational cover for it. I’ll post it sometime soon when I’m done playing with it.

I’ve also started outlining the next two sequels to Rites of Passage, but have no titles for them yet.

Also on the workbench, I started to sketch out ideas for other stories. In particular, I am interested in doing a space opera or something with a post-Earth/apocalyptic setting (I am currently calling Elise) and also another project with teen superheroes in a contemporary setting (just vagueness now). It’s still too early to tell what will pan out, though.

Lot’s going on this year.


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The crypt at Chestnut Hill Cemetary in Exeter, RI